Sampling in birds

Genetic tests can be performed from a sample of a feather, eggshell, or blood. It is important that the samples are fresh.


  •        FEATHERS: Pull out at least 5 normally developed feathers on the chest or back of the parrot. Dropped feathers, tail feathers, flight feathers of large birds and broken feathers that do not have a pulp are not suitable for the test.
  •        EGG SHELL: Remove the eggshell immediately after hatching. Do not touch the tissue inside the eggshell, as it is important for performing a genetic test. Send only parts of the eggshell that are not contaminated with secretions. Before sending, let the eggshell dry (approx. 24 hours).
  •        BLOOD: Blood can be taken by a veterinarian (in a test tube with anticoagulant or 70% ethanol) or you can take it by yourself from a bleeding feather or claw (dried blood spot onsterile gauze or non-coloured paper towel)

Pack collected samples individually in aluminium foil or plastic bag. After collection, store samples in the refrigerator or send them to the laboratory immediately. It is very important that the samples are fresh and sent as soon as possible. Samples must be clearly marked. It is necessary to submit an online order or laboratory form stating your details, sample label, bird species and ring number. Print out the completed form and send it along with the samples.


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