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Are you new to genetic testing, would you like to know more details about genetic testing or have questions about the results? Our genetics experts will be happy to answer your questions and advise you on the choice of genetic tests.

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Get to know the breeds your dog is descended from to better understand your pet’s needs and provide the level of care you have always aspired to.

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In the EVG laboratory, we offer a wide range of DNA tests that provide insight into the genetic health and the development of specific physical characteristics of your animal. The results of genetic tests can be used to adjust the lifestyle to the individual needs of the animal, to take preventive actions in the event of the development of a genetic disease, and to plan mating to prevent the spread of the genetic disease. With the help of DNA tests, you can also find out why the color and length of your pet's hair is the way you see it, what color the puppies can be, and verify parentage.

Enter the breed of your animal in the search engine on our website and easily find suitable genetic tests. Our experts have also prepared breed-specific packages that include the most important tests for a particular breed and offer a more comprehensive insight into the genetic health of your animal. Taking a sample is simple and you can do it by yourself. We are at your disposal for additional questions regarding the ordering process, selection of tests or sampling.

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