Genetic tests

Each animal in your veterinary clinic is something special. With the help of advanced DNA analysis tools animals can be treated individually according to their genetic predispositions.

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Advantages of online ordering

  • Easy selection of genetic tests using a breed search engine.
  • All the results of your patients in one place.
  • The results for all your patients are available in your user account.
  • You can check the status of the order at any time.
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With genetic tests you can offer your patients more

  • With breed-specific packages of genetic tests, you can easily identify predispositions for the development of genetic diseases.
  • Based on the results of genetic tests, offer a personal approach to treating your patients focused on prevention and well-being.
  • Prior to treatment, check that your patient is not susceptible to the toxic effects of certain medicines (eg Ivermectin).
  • Increase your clients' participation in the treatment of patients by using genetic tests and proven genetic predispositions.

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